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Benefits of working with a Certified Pre - & Postnatal Coach

The topic of women training; strength training and cardio training, while pregnant or postpartum has been gaining light as we explore and find more evidence-based studies that support the idea.

What is a Certified Pre - & Postnatal Coach (CPPC)?

A CPPC is a coach who empowers women to make decisions that align with their values, desires, priorities, and individual situation. We coach women at their own pace using evidenced-based practices to ensure we deliver the highest quality of training and coaching for women and their little one(s). Evidence-based practice is using the best available information to support decisions, and takes into account CPPC's expertise and a women's values and preferences. All women experience pregnancy differently, with different mindsets and outlooks on what they want. We understand that and we want to help you secure your way through the stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

What is our role in guiding women through pregnancy and postpartum?

Big changes are hard and more times than not require a lot of energy and time pregnant women and mothers do not have. This is where a CPPC can help bridge the gap in the health and fitness realm of pregnancy and postpartum and guide women through the stages of pregnancy and their new life to come. Our primary goal is to help you identify realistic and practical ways to make changes and improvements using techniques for you to become self-sufficient when you are on your own. We work with you, for you!

Benefits of working with a CPPC

1) We create a safe and supportive environment for women who are interested in working with us. Providing appropriate information and advice for your psychological and physical well-being when needed, and listening to your needs to better serve you.

2) We help bridge the gap between health and fitness for you. Pregnancy requires a lot of energy and conscious thoughts, our mission is to help you make those decisions to be worthwhile and beneficial to you and your little one.

3) Exercising before or during pregnancy and keeping up with your normal fitness routine is encouraged. As you move through the stages of pregnancy there will be exercises that would be best to avoid or modify through those stages of pregnancy and postpartum, this is where a CPPC would be extremely valuable. Proper modifications and exercise instruction go a long way in improving quality of life and well-being. All things considered (emotional, psychological, physical well-being need to be considered) when approaching exercising as they will play a role in how your body is/will respond to the stressors of exercise.

A CPPC's Thoughts

Being a coach and trainer for almost a decade, experience and expertise have been my tools to ensure clients have not only reached their goals, but have learned something from me along the journey they can take with themselves. I believe in collaboration--together we can achieve what may not be achieved alone. The lack of information and standards for women exercising while pregnant and postpartum can be confusing, as there are so many different and conflicting views that surround it. A CPPC is aware of the lack of information and false information, and cuts through it by using an evidence-based approach.

More Than Fit approaches Pre-& Postnatal training with delicacy, understanding there are major changes going on within the body to accommodate for the little one. Assessments and evaluations will provide the trainer with enough information to make sure your needs, desires, and goals are being consistently met. It would be my honor to work with you and yours. Use the link below to schedule your free consultation so we can build an individualized program to reach your goals.

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