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MOreThanFit Performance

Malik Scott - Performance Coach | Youth Exercise Coach | Certified Personal Trainer

Strong mind - Strong body


Malik Scott

I wasn't too sure how to transform my vision into reality; something that I could put out into the world that was mine in its very own essence. There were a few mishaps along the way--injuries and setbacks that extended the process. As an athlete I knew the process wouldn't be an easy or steady climb to get where I am today. 

I continued to evolve both physically and academically. So pleased with my transformation and acquisition of knowledge that I wanted to share it with the world.

Fast forward, I now bring 6+ years of practical experience in addition to my passion as a health and fitness professional. I have completed 600 hours of personal training schooling at the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado, and have since then furthered my education with training specializations--Youth Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. Constantly seeking ways to improve my methods through my determination to help individuals succeed. I have and will continue to improve the lives of others through functional strength training.

Join me on this journey of health and fitness and become MORE THAN FIT. Together we can accomplish what might not be achieved alone.



More Than Fit Training specializes in in-home personal training that aims to increase functional strength and quality of life for all people through mind and body strength training. We offer the ability for all to reach their highest potential through functional exercising techniques improving overall mind-body connection, building foundational strength, losing weight, and enhancing ones quality of life. All services are provided in a safe, fun, and effective manner to deliver expertise and results!


Performance Training

Utilization of Functional Training techniques and thorough assessment protocol to improve movements within a periodized program to attain optimal performance.

Youth Exercise

A safe, fun, effective, and scientific based approach to combat childhood and adolescents obesity, along with teaching the youths healthy lifestyle habits. 

Personal  Training

Functional Strength Training and thorough assessment protocol aiming to maximize daily movements in a safe, fun, and effective manner to help individuals achieve optimal performance through their daily activity.

Online Training

This approach utilizes MyPtHub (an interactive software) for monitoring progress with tailored training programs to your goals and fitness level. 

See what the app is like!


"with Malik's professional training, I exceeded that goal; as of today I have dropped 17 pounds."


December 24th, 2019

"I've not only strengthened my back, but I can feel my posture improve. I am stronger, lighter and faster physically and mentally."


Februray 6th, 2019

"as a result, I do know my own body better than I have before. And of course, there are the results! I look and feel better and my friends have commented on both."


February 9th, 2019

Malik Scott


1333 S Wabash Ave

Chicago, IL - 60605

Tel: 618-964-3974

Email: livingmorethanfit@gmail.com

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Performance Coach | Youth Exercise Coach | Certified Personal Trainer

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